Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sipping on Ragi malt

Well a month has already passed in 2012, and it's bit late to mention about one of my resolution for this year. I have decided to give up my cup of tea for the evening and switch to Ragi malt instead. So this way I would consume half spoon of sugar instead of 1 spoon and in addition have the healthy benefits of Ragi. It tastes nothing like the heavenly tea but I am slowly developing the taste for it. Actually I had got it for my younger son for emergency, but I am finishing it up now. It is available in MK Ahmed Supermarket. I hope I continue this habit...


  1. thanks for reminding me!! I totally love Raagi malt!! I must remind my mom!

  2. I've never tasted ragi malt... I bet it's a healthier option compared to tea.

  3. Haha..!! That s a gud resolution.. :)
    Giving up tea is not that easy.. :) I too am addicted to coffee.. :):)