Monday, February 6, 2012

Table Mats from Jute Strings

We had lot of jute strings which were initially bought for gardening reasons lying in the store room for a long time. These strings are usually of a meter length and cost you a rupee available in few kirana stores.
We had few old jamana's plastic mats which got sticky when anything directly from the stove was placed on them, so I had to throw them.
Coming to the post, I made three table mats from the the Jute strings that I had. This idea is not new and very simple. Just took one afternoon for making these.
Firstly make a plait of the strings.
Smooth-en the plait by cutting off small jute threads in the edges.
Stitch these plait with a matching thread.
To give a a better look, I used blanket stitch at the borders.


  1. You made these?? seriously!! thats super impressive!

  2. These are great... I was surprised that it wasn't crochet or knitting.

  3. really gr8...I am in love with these jute mats..:) gr8 job...